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Hot Line Information on Attack and Victim Emergency Relief


Text of President Bush's Speech Before a Joint Session of Congress Sept. 20, 2001

White House Addressing Disaster Needs of People with Disabilities

White House addresses needs to people with disabilties in the recent disaster.....

A Personal Tribute to the Heroes of September 11 by Arun Kumar Tripathi

Arun is a research scholar and network educator....

Wired Kids and Cyberangels Take a Stand Against Terrorism and help people everywhere to heal their wounds.

Children from around the world have been touched and affected by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. They need a way of sharing what they are feeling and thinking with each other. They also need a way of starting the process of moving on…and feeling that they are contributing to the healing. To Join the E-Mail America Project  email join@wiredkids.org 

Now, together with our professionals, partners and supporters, WiredKids, Cyberangels and Epals are launching a special program to help the healing process for children from around the world. 

The program will encourage that children and tens worldwide send e-mails (or letters) to the American People, President Bush, Mayor Giuliani, the Rescue Workers, the Firefighters, The Police Officers, the Families of the Victims,  Schoolchildren from other countries, Families of the Heroes of the downed jet, and our Rescue Dog mascot. We will post these letters (without any personally identifying information from the children) at our site and at our partners’ and supporters’ sites, and will deliver them by hand to those to whom they are addressed. We will post the replies at the site as well. 

Children will also be able to support and name a new puppy that will be trained for rescue work. They will also be able to deputize their pets (real pets and stuffed animals) as Deputy Rescue pets. They can follow the training of their rescue puppy and the work of our mascot real rescue dog, that helped in the WTC rescue efforts.

From the Wired Kids web site.

Helping Schools in the WTC Area

There is a way we can constructively contribute to children and their teachers who have been displaced by the tragedy in New York. Riva Korashan, at the United Federation of Teachers, Teacher Center in New York, has requested  help to supply three schools, two elementary schools and one K-8 school, involving 1000 students with the basics they need for everyday classroom activities. The schools have been closed and relocated. Teachers and children left everything behind when they evacuated to safety on Tuesday.

These educators and students need everything, book bags, pencils, paper, classroom books, paper, teacher supplies, classroom supplies, etc. Financial donations are welcome also.

Please send your donations to:
UFT Teacher Center/School Relief
48 East 21st Street - 10th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents

These Resources were compiled by Caroline McCullen of Midlink Magazine....She and those who worked with her have done a wonderful job and they are a great help to all of us in this terrible time.  http://www.ncsu.edu/midlink/coping.htm  

Finding and Reporting Survivors

The Millennium Cluster at the University of California, Berkeley has set up a site for those who want to report the names of people who survived the attack and access a database of known survivors. It can also be reached by going to: http://safe.millennium.berkeley.edu/find.php 


A center for family members of victims and those who are still missing has been set up in the Armory at Lexington Ave. and 26th Street DCPI hotline for information regarding the attacks on the World Trade Center attack:


Red Cross WTC Victim Information: 212.604.7285

New York City Emergency Hotline: 212-560-2730

NY Disaster Assistance: 212-462-9029

NYPD Emergency Hotline: 866-856-4167

Missing family or friends: 212-741-4626

FBI TIPLINE: 866-483-5139

NYPD TIPLINE: 718-765-4300


Cantor Fitzgerald, eSpeed, TradeSpark Crisis Center

9:00 am - 9:00 pm September 13

9:00 am - 9:00 pm September 14

Location: Pierre Hotel in Ballroom

Services: Place for family members to be together, information exchange, religious representation, grief counseling, Howard Lutnick will be speaking.


WTC: Morgan Stanley: 1-888-883-4391

WTC: Carr Futures: 800-755-7620 OR 312-762-1227

WTC: AON: 203-868-6380

WTC: Pitney Bowes: 800-932-3631

WTC: Thacher, Proffitt and Wood: 800-698-4567 WTC: Commodity Futures Trading

Commission: 800-765-3277 WTC: Blue Cross and Shield: 866-761-8565 WTC: NYC

Bureau of Labs: 212-345-6000 WTC: Marsh & McLennan Companies: 800-698-4567

WTC: Cantor Fitzgerald: 212-940-8162, 212-940-8482, 212-940-8492,

212-893-6073 WTC: Lee Hecht Harrison: 201-782-3704 WTC: Port Authority:


Pentagon Employees: 877.663.6772

Army personnel assigned to the Pentagon: 1- 800-984-8523

Police Department Employees: 718-677-8238

Firefighters: 718-999-2541

Nary and Marine Corps Personnel: 877-663-6772 Air Force Personnel:

880-253-6772 Justice Department:

The Justice Department's Office of victims of crime has set up a phone line

to provide information to families about victims and about services for

survivors and their rights: 1-800-331-0075

Suburbanites who can't get into NYC

People living in the suburbs who can't get into New York City to track down friends and family can call help lines locally. County governments in Rockland, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties have set up local numbers to get information.

In ROCKLAND -- 845-708-9252 (Rockland Emergency Services)

In WESTCHESTER -- 914-428-1701 (Congresswoman Nita Lowey's office)

In NASSAU -- 516-573-7055 (Nassau Emergency Management)

In SUFFOLK -- 631-852-6194 (County number to report missing people).

For help in Japanese: www.jhelp.com or 800-527-2611

A site looking to help collect names of survivors: http://www.ny.com/wtclist.html

Airline Information: United Airlines

Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco

Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles

1-800-932-8555 OR www.united.com

American Airlines

Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles

Flight 77 from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles


International toll-free numbers for those who want further information:

The Netherlands: 020504051

Germany: 06966985407

Italy: 024829813

Belgium: 027133646

France: 0169199659

China: 10800110008

United Kingdom: 08458444777 or 02088227766

To help

Doctors willing to volunteer: 518-431-7600

Registered Nurses, Nurse’s Aides, EMT’s and Paramedics willing to volunteer:


If you would like to offer any resources such as equipment, vehicles and/or supplies, please contact the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) at

212-477-3574 or 2112-477-3598

For Blood Donation: 1-800-933-BLOOD (between 8am and 9pm)

Red Cross: 1-800-HELP-NOW

NY Red Cross: 1-866-896-2796




The United Way of New York and the New York Community Trust have established a fund to help the victims of the attacks and their families. The September Eleventh Fund will provide immediate support to established emergency assistance agencies. Anyone wishing to contribute may send their donations in care of United Way, 2 Park Ave, New York, New York 10016 or call 212-251-4035.

Donations are also being accepted on United Way of New York City's web site: http://www.uwnyc.org 

Money Donations/Salvation Army: 1-800-SAL-ARMY

A Long Island business group is listing businesses who want to donate goods and services to victims of the World Trade Center collapse. The Long Island Association says anyone who wants to make a donation should call 631-493-3023.

Other City Services:

City Mortuary: 212-562-3051

Chief Medical Examiner: 212-447-2030

Grief Counseling:

Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center: 718.579.5000

Metropolitan Hospital Center: 212-423-6262

St. Vincent’s Health Crisit Cente: 212-604-8220

Department of Mental Health Services: 212-442-5000

FDNY Family Crisis Center: 718-352-7001

American Psychological Association Trauma Counseling: 800-964-2000


Court related issues: 1-800-COURT-NY.

The Securities & Exchange Commission is asking all of its Northeast Regional Office employees to call 1-877-404-3222. All employees should call this number, even if they have already been in contact with other SEC officials.

Insurance Claims:

Personal auto and home: 1-800-CLAIM33

Business property and auto claims: 1-800-238-6225

Life insurance and annuities: 1-800-334-4298


New York City Tourism Board can assist NYC visitors stranded in Manhattan at www.nycvisit.com



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