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Speech On Chinese Award for Chinese Version of Joni By Dr. Zhang Xu 

Chinese Version of Speech



Introduction To Dr. Zhang Xu

Inspired by a book Dr. Zhang translated his "inspirational treasure" into Chinese sharing with the disabled the strength to learn how to - "have faith and never give up" - to go forth with a productive life".

Zhang Xu, a doctor from Liaoninxg Province who was paralyzed in an accident while working in Yemen, once on the brink of suicide, was moved by a protagonist in "JONI" (a thirty year old autobiographical account of a seventeen year old girl) given to him by a Japanese friend.

Dr. Zhangxu translated this book into Chinese with the nightly assistance of his beloved and dedicated mother.   The book was recently published, and thousands of disabled Chinese patients have benefited from his magnificent and heartfelt accomplishment.

This the Chinese translation of this book recently won an award in China.  Below is the speech given by Dr. Zhang Xu at that ceremony.  The Center thanks our friend Zhang Xu for allowing us to share this speech with the people who come to our site.  It will be a great inspiration to many people.  Thank you!

My dear friends:

I know I don't have to tell you how very excited I am to be here today with all of you. For it was right at this place more than two years ago, when I was desperate and in a deep depression I met Professor Yatani - a Japanese rehab specialist. She gave me this  old English version of JONI - a book which changed my destiny.

It was in this place that I gained the courage from my disaster to survive and to find a new destination for my new life. It was also in this place that I fulfilled my first important task since my rebirth - translating JONI into Chinese from my hospital bed. .But today's memory will be the most exciting for me -- to be here my old friend of my heart - Ms. Joni Eareckson - again right here at CRRC. 

This is not a thick book, but behind it is a long and moving story. It exists only because of the hard work and great LOVE of many people from many places. Today, just at the moment, these stories haunt my mind. I must take this opportunity to thank some of those who have contributed to this wonderful work. 

First of all, I must thank Joni for writing this wonderful book more than twenty years ago. It is really an important book for me, and it has greatly influenced my life. I also thank her for her encouragement and spiritual teaching for me over the past two years. 

Thanks also to Dr. Guan Hua. Without him I would not have survived my accident, and there would have been no "Chinese JONI." It was also he who first suggested that I translate the book into Chinese in order to encourage others.  .Just at this very place, he taught me to step out the first step of my new life. 

I must also thank my mother. At that time she also was in desperation - she felt all my pain and hopelessness. Nevertheless she worked with me late at night everyday while taking care my daily life. 

My thanks also to Dr. Aldis and to Ms. Judy Butler. It was they who make the necessary contacts for the copyright of this Chinese version with great efforts. Without their efforts, the book would be impossible!

I also want to thank the HuaXia Publishing House. When learning of my difficult situation, they immediately agreed to publish the book for free.  Special thanks to Mr. ZhangWei and to Ms. XuJun for their contributions.  During the editing of the book, Ms. Xu's family suffered a terrible tragedy which left her husband dead and her daughter severely injured. Even so she persisted in her efforts to fulfill this important work.

The Chinese title of the book is "Where is God?" So where is God? Surely He is there with love!  In fact, He was there in my very darkest hours, and it was by reading Joni's words that I was first able to feel the love. So, I must also thank God for that love and for the wonderful things which have happened to me since my accident. Through the publication of this
book, I hope I can share with others the same love.

I hope that, like me, many other disabled friends in China can benefit from this book, can gain courage and strength from it, and to gain a fuller meaning of their lives and of the need for a true spiritual rebirth. I also hope that, through reading the book, able-bodied friends will consider the meaning of life and that they will come to know how to respect each other and to love each other more perfectly. I hope our world will become a big family tied together with love and care for each other. 

Thanks for your attention.



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