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Sylvan Leef 

Building A Park Through Education




SYLVAN LEEF Inc. is proud to demonstrate (via encouragement, example, teaching) that Southern Oregon is a place of great diversity.  SYLVAN LEEF encourages people to think through what they would like to do with their property, as well as how to implement those plans.
We call this way of looking at Land Management GEOPONICS.  This includes diverse production, if students choose that.  That automatically means BOTH logging and environmental concerns are addressed.  (Neither concept automatically excludes the other.)
    Over the long haul, students will build a park that focuses PRIMARILY on the disabled.  This park will contain (relatively) small groves of exotic trees, set up as a sort of TREE ZOO.  Most of these trees will be selectively protected into perpetuity.  We are working with varied local and national disability organizations to design the park with the best possible trail systems. 
    Such trails must function year-round, through summer concrete and winter mud.  Throughout the park, trails will enter each grove and end in a lollipop turnaround for wheelchair access.
Imagine, if you will, the disabled being able to sit in such a grove, surrounded by trees that creak quietly in the oldest of symphonies.  It will be an emotional experience.
    We also forsee tomorrow's parents bringing their own children to the park they helped build and saying, "Do you see that tree?  See my name on the sign?  I planted that when I was just about your age.  Look at how much it has grown!"  (The park will be built BY the community.)
    "We've been working on this park since September, 1995.  The original plan was for us to do ALL of the work, and just leave the park to the community.   We're finding we just aren't young enough to pull this off by ourselves. When we realized we couldn't achieve our goals in our lifetimes without outside help, we incorporated in 1999.  It is now a community-wide project."
                                                                                                               ---Lee Pelley, Manager

Please contact us with questions or suggestions! sylvanleef@earthlink.net

Some Pictures of Sylvan Leef

Below are a few pictures of the Sylvan Leef Project today.  We will continue to put pictures here as the project progresses.  Click on the Image to get a larger picture or click on the descriptive text below the Image.

      The Road to Sylvan Leaf, Click for larger Image                 A picture shot between two trees at Sylvan Leef Click for Larger Image                      A Newly Planted Tree Click for larger Image

             SYLVAN LEEF '98                          One View                          A Young Tree

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