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Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program

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Resource Name: Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program

Associated Organization: State of Alabama, University of Alabama

Country of Origin: USA

Address: The University of Alabama,
Box 870395

City: Tuscaloosa

State or Province: AL

ZIP or Postal Code: 35487-0395

Telephone: 205-348-4928 \ 205-348-9484 TTD \ 800-826-1675 (in state only)

Fax: 205-348-3909

Email: adap@law.ua.edu

Site Summary:  "ADAP is the federally mandated, statewide, "Protection and Advocacy" (P&A) program serving eligible individuals with disabilities in Alabama. The central purpose of P&A programs throughout the United States is to respond to allegations of abuse, neglect and violations of rights of persons with disabilities or discrimination based on their disability." - Quoted from the ADAP web site,

Disability Association(s): All Disabilities

Internet Location:  http://www.adap.net

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: US Legal Resource




Wheelchair Vans
Used Vans New Conversions
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used wheelchair vans
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