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California Client Assistance Program (CAP)

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Resource Name: California Client Assistance Program (CAP)

Associated Organization: 

Country of Origin: USA

Address:  CAP Advocate List by County - http://www.rehab.cahwnet.gov/cap/caplist.htm

Telephone:  1-800-952-5544 (Voice) 1-866-712-1085 (TTY)


Email: : smentkow@dor.ca.gov

Site Summary:  "If you encounter problems with the services provided by the Department of Rehabilitation or by independent living centers funded under the Rehabilitation Act, you may request assistance from the Client Assistance Program (CAP). A CAP advocate can provide you with information, advice and representation, including assistance in pursuing legal, administrative or other appropriate remedies to ensure the protection of your rights and to facilitate access to appropriate services.

If you encounter a problem as a consumer of the Department of Rehabilitationís Vocational Rehabilitation Program, you are encouraged to try to resolve the problem first with your counselor or their supervisor. You may have assistance from the CAP at any point from the time you apply for services to after you stop receiving services. It is always your right to bring a family member, representative or CAP advocate to meet with Department staff." - Quoted from the web site.

Disability Association(s): All Disabilities

Internet Location: http://www.rehab.cahwnet.gov/cap/default.htm

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: Legal, Vocational Rehabilitation Services,  Client Assistance and Information agency.





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