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Illinois Web Accessibility Standards 




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Illinois Web Accessibility Standards 

In an effort to address the needs of all users, the Illinois Technology Office has established the Illinois Web Accessibility Standards (IWAS). On February 14, 2002, Governor George H. Ryan signed an Administrative Order directing Illinois agencies to "utilize the Illinois Web Accessibility Standards for the development of web sites, intranets, and web-based applications."

These standards are based on Federal "Section 508" and World Wide Web Consortium accessibility guidelines, which were reviewed extensively by a panel of experts during the preparation of IWAS. You may wonder why the Illinois Technology Office has created an additional set of standards when the Section 508 and W3C standards already exist. The answer is quite simple: The federal Section 508 guidelines deal with a very basic level of accessibility needs while leaving out many issues facing users. The W3C guidelines, on the other hand, offer three tiers of priorities that go into greater depth than many government entities are able to address at this time. IWAS incorporate a combination of the two creating a standard well suited to serve the users of Illinois web sites.

The Above is quoted from the web site at: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=32765

These Standards were reviewed 4/25/08  - ICDRI Editors


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