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For Rocky McElhaney Law Firm



Resource Name: Serious and Catastrophic Injury and Social Security Disability Attorneys

Associated Organization: Rocky McElhaney Law Firm

Country of Origin:   USA

Address: Rocky McElhaney Law Firm (Main Office)
1516 16th Ave S

City: Nashville

State or Province: TN

Telephone: (615) 425-2500

Fax: (615) 425-2501

Email:  intake@rockylawfirm.com

Site Summary:                                  

We are law firm of made up of tough dedicated professionals that have been successfully serving injury victims across Tennessee and the Southeast for nearly 15 years.  As true disability advocates, we help our clients to level the playing field against big corporations and only fight for the people- never the powerful.  We help those suffering from life-altering, permanent and catastrophic injuries as a result of a serious accident, work injury or personal injury, and we can also help them obtain the social security disability benefits they are entitled to.  We have the hard-nosed representation and the experience to fight for the recovery and benefits you deserve.  Don't settle for less. We fight for you. 

Disability Association: All Serious or Permanent Injuries and All Disabilities

Internet Location: http://www.rockylawfirm.com

Internet Resource Type: Website

Resource Type: US Legal Resource