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Lawsuit Against Target by National Federation of the Blind

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Updated 04/14/2012


Below are links to news stories about the Lawsuit filed by the National Federation for the Blind.   This lawsuit claims the Target web site is not accessible to people who are blind.  Please feel free to email icdri@icdri.org if you know of other stories about this matter.

Press Release on Target Class Action Settlement - 8/27/08

The Target Online Assistive Technology Guidelines - Exhibit C - is posted as a Word document at http://www.dralegal.org/cases/private_business/nfb_v_target.php - 8/27/08

Target Class Action Settlement and Release - 8/27/08

Target Class Action Web Site - 8/27/08

NFB v. Target Class Action Order Dated October 2, 2007
This is a PDF file - Download the Reader 10/2/07

Target lawsuit tests limits of US web accessibility law | OUT-LAW.COM

Blind patrons sue Target for site inaccessibility | CNET News.com

Taking Aim at Target(.com)

National Federation of the Blind files Target lawsuit - USATODAY.com

Court: Accessibility lawsuit against Target can proceed

Lawsuit Claims Target Web Site Fails To Provide Accessibility - News

Target lawsuit tests limits of US web accessibility law Netscape.com

Accessibility and Target.com





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