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Nevada Assistive Technology Collaborative

Resource Summary Page



Resource Name: Nevada Assistive Technology Collaborative

Associated Organizations: State of Nevada

Country of Origin: USA

Address: Department of Human Resources
Office of Disability Service
3656 Research Way, Suite 32

City: Carson City

State or Province: NV

ZIP or Postal Code: 89701

Telephone: Phone: 775-687-4452, TTY: 775-687-3388

FAX: 775-687-3292

E-mail: kpreston@dhhs.nv.gov

Site Summary:  This is the site of the Nevada Assistive Technology project that helps people with disabilities get access to assistive technology to help them in their everyday lives.

Disability Association(s): All Disabilities

Internet Location:  http://adsd.nv.gov/Programs/Physical/ATforIL/Nevada_Assistive_Technoloyg_Collaborative_(NATC)/Nevada_Assistive_Technology_Collaborative_(NATC)/

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: Assistive Technology Site



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