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West Coast Disability Advocacy Center

Resource Summary Page



Resource Name: West Coast Disability Advocacy Center

Associated Organization: West Coast Disability Advocacy Center

Country of Origin: USA


2940 W. Lincoln Ave. #D-225

City: Anaheim

State or Province: CA

ZIP or Postal Code: 92801



Email: westcdac@yahoo.com

Site Summary:

West Coast Disabilities Advocacy Center (WCDAC) is a new non-profit agency determined to educate the community of people with disabilities that reside in Southern California. After realizing the local community of people with disabilities is in need of stronger advocacy and protection, Bobby Fleener announced in September 2002 were starting WCDAC to remedy the lack of reasonable advocacy and support the community needs. Our primary mission is to educate the Southern California community that we have the Americans with Disabilities Act and we will help enforce it for the Southern California community of people with disabilities.

The West Coast Disabilities Advocacy Center which is set to open it's arms to people with disabilities in Southern California on December 1, 2002 will hold responsibility for assisting persons with disabilities in Southern California in their quests for fairness in employment, educational, and housing matters.

WCDAC will also utilize the proper tools to assist persons with disabilities in Southern California in their quest for independence from welfare programs and to lead productive lifestyles and become contributors to society.

WCDAC will also assist people with disabilities across the United States in the enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act by providing them with support and advocacy. We will also assist disability organizations around the globe by providing them with information, resources, and support.

WCDAC will provide people with any types disabilities in Southern California with services such as these: Information and referrals, interpreter referrals, advocacy, community counseling, community education, communication assistance, informational workshops, social activities for community seniors, and community social activities.

Volunteers will staff WCDAC. To ensure confidentiality of our clients, our volunteers will sign non-disclosure agreements as a condition to providing services to our clients. We will also have a policy not to turn away anyone in need of assistance. Most of our volunteers will be members of the disability community.

WCDAC will live true to it's mission statement which is "To educate the people in Southern California with any types of disabilities of their right to be free from discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and from hate violence"

Disability Association(s): All Disabilities

Internet Location:  http://www.angelfire.com/d20/wcdac/

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: Legal and Policy Resource



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