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Accessibility Sonnet

Although acessibility at times appears an empty dream
Creative strategies may lead towards acceptance of this right
Confirming care for special need, for firm and long term oversight,
Efforts sustained and thinking free to guarantee a meta scheme.
Strengths and weeaknesses should be offered mutual esteem,
Suspicions more suspicions breed, pollute the stream of life which bright
Is meant to shine, from bias freed, no creed or colour, to indict
Brains or disability - for things are seldom all they seem.
In age of ubiquity true opportunity may gleam,
Lifting barriers to excede the expectations which tonight
In sight or hearing often seed fear, frustration bottled tight.
To handicap the right "to be" is recognized within man's team.
Yet - if respecting privacy - tomorrow's sensor networks may
Stimulate diversity, to hope and scope add interplay.



Copyright ICDRI  Jonathan Robin 10 March 2006




Bridge of Sighs cut down to Size


From handicap to handicap a bridge of sighs extends,
which isolates comunities too seldom hand in hand,
as strengths and weaknesses compete - as one can understand -
where it seems time to mark on maps an interface which ends
the fears and petty jealousies, the lobby which defends
each righteous cause yet scarce explores a strategy well planned
to recognition gain, obtain free future for each land.
The pace at which technologies converge today depends
too often on priorities where cents not sense command -
though digital divides increase, some challenges are spanned,
but others raise their ugly heads when bias fear befriends.
     So lend an ear with second sight not third hand platitudes.
     Send message clear, true progress steer, through changing attitudes.

Copyright ICDRI  Jonathan Robin
14 March 2006



In the Village


In the village life repeats

summer heats to summer heats,

season after season greets

echoes drummed, - past, present beats.


In the village dust defeats

western concepts - coarse conceits.

Attempts to quantify Time’s feats

are vain, ‘tis plain that Time time cheats.


In the village Life recalls

life departed in babe’s bawls,

late or early Fate’s footfalls

dog the soul that, sudden, stalls.


In the village cockrel calls

to score day’s dawning, frights night’s shawls,

village sorcerer enthralls

repeating spells, casts lions’ mauls.

The village welcomes far and wide

the harvest,  beer and wants supplied,

though all too often trapped inside

hunger sees those needs denied.


In the village time and tide

dewless baked are, thirst sun-dried.

Life and death there coincide,

enact tradition’s groom and bride.


In the village day and night

interleave page dark and light,

slip through space till, out of sight,

race is lost to win insight.


(c) Jonathan Robin 19 November 1995


Inner Liberty


The spent cartridge of inspiration hangs in mid air, arrested as if Time and Space conspired to offset that energy which aspires to fire the ages, to shatter the need for conceptual anchors.  Awaiting the meeting which would mutate mate to mating,  Pivot and Pillow word  challenge the anchors of Ti(m)e and P(l)ace, the immortality of the soul, seek to block the spirit’s mating/meeting with itself.

A straight line, desperate to (t)race with light itself, as if its existence depended upon its s[p]eed, soars, curving, arching through the marching universe attempting to reach, underscore, and underline itself.  Light affects  all levels of cosmic consciousness until the circle reforms an image of universal harmony.

Emotions long to (l)ink the pages of the Present, intertwining Past and Future, and, in letters large as life, decipher themselves, decode the genius or GENE-I-US so near, and yet so far. The door of insight and enlightenment is ever ajar, though it often seems too narrow to all who ephemerally flicker through their three score years and ten.  
Up and over the lead layers of primary consciousness, 'wait' changed state as weight dissolved, and lead away from the temptation of falling back on the memory's backwash flashback switchbacking and side tracking up and down upon a semi colon black background, - back to and from basics. ... a-muse-sing contradiction in terms, as the bridge between Cause and Effect suddenly spanned the echo relay race of Eternity's comings and goings, ebbings and flowings, knowing and unknowing as the cycle speeded up and over the lead layers of primary unconsciousness ...

The sleeper seeks to wake, - awakening unlooked for in this  continuum. The chronological shed the logical and fed from Chronos' legendary meal, taking from the Gods from which he himself once partook while spinning among the blue and green rings around Saturn's void.  Kernel, unrooted from the inner recesses of the mind - that dark fertile area where creativity restlessly and relentlessly anticipates release, - bursts into activity.  Innovation is considered cancerous by those who their inner selves refute, or fear to know.

The universal soul awaits inspiration to send the sap soaring, outpouring at all levels.  Tendrils tentatively touch, tenderly tease to deracinate, sensate and sate the tortured synapses of the spirit. Explosion of consciousness calls all - especially itself - into question.

Warp and weft, bereft of references, dance a double helix under the sum of understanding, st(r)anding both apart from and a part of the hole that leads the whole into and out from itself.

Truth’s essential essence reflects prismatically and chromatically upon all aspects of awareness, the soul works on the Will to redefine the Way as harmony and chaos complete each other as cosmic and karmic interplay evolve revolving around each other ....

The sleeper wakes, works on the Will, finds, refines, and redefines the Way, which, in its turn, underlines his inability to grasp its paradoxical convergent...seas - to seize the day.


(c) Jonathan Robin 8 May 1989, 28 September 1997, 18 April 2005


Intelligent Design


I, dot, did score on ocean floor

you too were dot, no more,
we'd LOOP the LOOP in primaeval soup
and POOL gene POOL core corps.
We'd POLO here and POLO for
none then knew one could droop,
we'd twin and grin to win encore
no sin there was, no law !

I'd bow, you'd stoop, with helluva whoop -
no care and no dis....pair,
above, below, we'd group, regroup
all with no 'mal[e] de mer'.
Amino here, ah me ! know there
was troop on troop on troop, -
we'd pair, repair, again prepare
see sea combine with air.

We'd twirl, we'd whirl, like a hoola-hoop
around, around some more,
in tune to moon as cock-a-hoop
we'd twin, to spin restore.
Off shore we'd spore, to sink or soar,
linked chain remained Time's dupe
neath starry dome in mono chrome,
no after, no before !

We'd skirl, we'd swirl, up, down would curl,
ages of practised ease,
we'd furl, unfurl, in endless whorl -
world with no word disease,
when I was girl and you my pearl, -
no men, to bend, no knees, -
no need but feed we all agreed
to speed on pretty please !

Though question begs, we had no legs,
nor sought to understand, -
we were the dregs from which all pegs
its story book to hand.
We by degrees, through fire and freeze
rose from a twisting band
to all one sees through seven seas
in water, air, and land.


LAYER would RELAY by night and day
Y REAL anticipate,
in reel we'd feel we'd feel - this way
all did participate.
An ONION here ON I ON sphere
ionosphere above
no chronosome, no chronos - home
was there - with all in love.


We'd dance to chance as all advance
tomorrow WAS today,
electrons free charged you and me
with mission key to play
from cause/effect to Man erect -
elected some would say -
but Man's a phase, an empty phrase
on evolution's way.

My coil with toil from sea to soil
rose from primaeval beach,
the tide we'd ride - some turned to oil -
to show there's reach in each
to change arrange - styles passing strange -
despite new Kansas preach.
The basic code stays à la mode
the generations teach ...

One could flow on but some upon
Networks' attention span
feel overdone more words than one
when ego dares to scan.
Feel for 'such stuff' four lines enough -
where they applause would pay -
So we’ll fold our tents' and to all intents
swift, silently steal away ...






(c) Jonathan Robin 13 April 2005


Phantom Fipple


Daybreak.  A lake.  Warmth wakes the world.  Blue sky.

Green edges bustle with a breezy sniffle

which sets the brake-line singing in reply.

Screen sedges rustle, as if phantom fipple

had muted both their moans and reedy cry,

transmuting tune-true tones to whispery sigh.

Some jesting dragonflies skim down, so shy,

quiescent waters sudden part, dance, ripple: -

ingesting fragile golden frame and eye.

The freckled fish break surface, dart, prance, riffle.
In silence snow-white swans slide slowly by,

their pinioned wings belie the will to fly.

          So, too, in life the strong devour the weak,      

          while most in silence pass, too scared to speak.



(c) Jonathan Robin 12 March  1977



Special Needs


Special Needs breed creativity

Permitting change extending human scope,

Encourage opportunities to cope,

Compensating inner doubts to free

Ideas and feelings, as the Present's plea

Answered is, providing all with hope.

Life's lottery incentives gives. We grope,

Now well, now worse, in our diversity,

Ever onwards, seeking ways to see

Ever outwards, - search with telescope

Deep hidden truths which, slippery like soap,

Sleep hid within each one in pregnancy.



Copyright ICDRI  Jonathan Robin 25 March 2001


The Seasons





SPRING                                           SUMMER



Life is at ease                                 Young lovers long

Land under plough;                        To hold their dear;

Whispering trees,                           Dewdrops among,

Answering cow.                              Bold, without fear.


Blossom, the bees,                         Life full of song,

Buds on the bough;                        Cloudless and clear;

Soft-scented breeze,                      Days fair and long,

Spring warms life now.                   Summer sends cheer.



AUTUMN                                           WINTER



Each leaf decays,                             Harvested sheaves

Each life must bow;                         And honeyed hives;

Our salad days                                  Trees stripped of leaves,

Are ending now.                               Jack Frost has knives.


Fruit heavy lays                                Time, Prince of  thieves,

Bending the bough, -                        Onward he drives,

Autumn dismays,                              While Winter grieves

Sun drifting down.                            Over our lives.





(c) Jonathan Robin 26 March  1975


This Lonely Self


The search for sense amidst life’s solitude

Has schools of thought turned inside out for years.

Is happiness goal sought, or flight from years.

Sensed as threats dire, intense, which irk, intrude ?

Life jokes at Man’s expense, who feel pursued

Or haunted by time bought where the arrears

None else can pay, ‘tis taught, when Death appears.

Experience must always be renewed.

Links into future tense we seem when viewed,

Yet each is caught up by Time’s whirling shears.

Soon all returns to naught. Night swiftly smears

Experiments ephemeral yet crude.

Let he who’d trace indelible here ink

For just a moment on life’s sonnet think !



(c) Jonathan Robin Jonathan Robin 12 August 1990


TIME Acrostic Palindrome



Time spins headlong, helter-skelter, alpha omega its hum,
Innate energy refocussed, - hocus-pocus drawing blind, -
Merging, surging, fresh emerging each dimension is assigned
Extra frequencies as harmonies seek equilibrium.

hrust of course is force attraction once contraction’s overcome -
If upset the great equation’s recreated, recombined,
Musters flux, reflux ethereal, in many ways declined -
Echo-systems spectra spectral, strata senses tuned as one.

Time together birds of feather nests, two tendering four more
In addition for perdition they’re included in Life’s count,
Marking more for Death to tally, soon all rally scaffold mount, –
Ever higher populations soar, regenerating core.

Tortoise Time of able fable, snide greed, pride, speed, overcome -  
Is it justice ? Is it balance ?  Those ahead soon d[r]ead behind,
Making room through swift disposals for proposals less confined,
Express need for further testing, - jesting, questing, inquest dumb.

Time, both tempter and preemptor, auctions choices bubble-gum
Into emptiness exploding, voices vacuum Lethe-lined,
Mirage are Man’s sojourn dreams it seems, all who thereon have dined
Entertain tall expectations rich which stumble, tumble numb.


Time mutates when necessary, very speedily translates
Into viral spiral gyral splicing, tip top icing cake,
Monkey to man was plan began some take as grave mistake
Enterprising Time, downsizing, soon induces second state

That leads into more selection until all that came before
Isolate in microclimate dwindles into history,
Mocking once again of mice and men eternal mystery -
Ergo cogito’ no guarantee can offer ‘sum’ in store.

Time destroys its own foundations reconstructs by rule of thumb, -
Intuition tunes to pattern ducts intelligence designed.
Mankind must press forwards quickly or its mainspring may unwind,
Ever onward, tripping, hasty, vicious forward spiral-scrum.

Time, true master of new master, swift may slave of slave become,
In a twinkling of an eyelid, with an inkling of the mind, -
Most by wayside fall, and falling fail to rise, we seldom find
Each with grief reach silver lining welcome, wheel spins go and come.

Time, prestidigitator, spurns prestige, turns cycle score
Into room for rust when boom goes bust, to tomb entrusts the great –
Meek may seek to rise through wise disguise but dies that spin their fate
Enter on examination predetermination’s maw.

Through the needle wheedle riddle evolution in its drawer
Issues ready, choosy, steady, to new factors integrate,
Measures leisure pleasure treasured as a wide tide open gate -
Exit species flooded by fresh blooded budded to explore

Timely opportunities to tease priorities to draw
Instant conclusions from confusions which did decimate
Multitudes through feuds or manners rude to war or conjugate, -
Efforts vain again are sanctionned by Time’s roar none can ignore.


Time, an excellent musician, is tradition’s drummer, drum,
Is clay pot and playful potter, Future’s watch and spring to wind,
Mocking mortals’ puny portals, while the motives of mankind
Echo ego phase or fashion, - love, hate, passion, - blink sink - done.

Time has season, Time has reason keys, on much remaining mum,
In on Cause~Effect directions caught in matrix  intertwined,
Minds not evanescent effervescent reassurance blind -
Each vibration rings strange changing strings recalculating sum.

Though if sum itself is dumb then all conclusions drawn are rum
Interjections on Time’s sections, out of kilter, misaligned,
Much in golden braid internal, waits eternal, underlined
Ever by infernal pace we race to trace out space to plumb.

Time, the predator and dater, turns the bread of life to crumb,
Ices in a trice Life’s waters, hopes as halters redefined;
Magician fly, man hard may try, - high pyramids remind
Each our power, pomp pain hour stomp, vain flowers fast succumb.

Time, no evil knows, coeval  is with all, withal is none,
Irons endings through beginnings as each innings is inclined
Mutating – no postdating -  wicketwards in double bind, -
Essence waxes, wanes, through axis, planes, yet what explains its run ?  


Tempus fugit – Time is flying – soon we’re lying in the dust,
Is it dying ?  Is it buying time ? – another turn to try ?
Many look to book for second look, replacing painful cry,
Even though high odds against them lie when wake they take on trust.

These swift stanzas hold no moral, no bonanzas bold, no plum
Inspiring plan licks Time’s trick wick untiring, predesigned , -
Mirage tidal suicidal, bridle, bridal counter signed ? –
Egg and chicken plots see thicken as we quicken final strum ...




(c) Jonathan Robin 10 December 1990 and 30 April 2005










Tomorrow's world may integrate
not 'end-to-end' but 'all to all'.
Friend to friend links, too, may fall
a prey to ways precipitate
as change may well accelerate
future change as some install
sensor networks which could call
the shots for those whose slower gait
these challenges can't integrate,
who hesitate as freedom's fall
is arbitraged by over all
complacently accepting state
imposed 'top-down' by vested vision
relayed by web-log intravision.

(c) Jonathan Robin
3 March 2006


Ubiquity II

Ubiquity some praise, who feel
fulfilled as parts of life's machine
with nothing personal to conceal
encourge sharing.  None between
the world wide web will wild cards deal,
upset the applecart, and green
call red, red green.  Networks reveal
all deviance which might demean
the 'common good', the common weal.
"If I ?" or "Why ?",  'what 'might have been'
is not to ask - an even keel
of all for all must intervene
to check iconoclastic spiel.

Ubiquity may bring to heel
the rebel with his 'motives mean',
RFID surveillance keen
controlling roles to sentence seal
where implant or some foreign gene
is introduced to circumevene
the random element and 'real'
convert to format washed and clean
where risk is channelled, where no eel
can slip between the channels, free, unseen ...

(c) Jonathan Robin 11 March 2006



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