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Privacy Policy




We do not disseminate personally identifiable information about site visitors to third parties.

We do not sell any information, or otherwise share any information about our site visitors with third parties.

We respect your privacy, and do not collect personally identifiable information about our site visitors, except if you register your web site for a resource page, request to publish an article or purchase goods or services from us.

Certain information, such as the domain name of the internet access provider used by visitors, when they access our site and the country of origin of such domain, which is anonymous as to individuals and aggregate only, is used for our internal purposes, in order to better develop our site to address our visitors' preferences.

We do not use cookies at the site in order to ensure your privacy

Many thanks to Parry Aftab & Nancy L. Savitt the kids' Internet lawyers...legal advisors to the kids Internet industry at www.aftab.com for their help with this.


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