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Accessibility Oversight Consulting Services

The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet (ICDRI) is pleased to announce the launch of our Accessibility Oversight Consulting Services. Seeking to further our mission on global accessibility for electronic and information technology,.

Accessibility Analysis: 

The Center offers a top-down review and provides detailed recommendations for remediation and integration of accessibility throughout the organization.  This analysis includes: 

  1. ·        an executive briefing of accessibility concepts, principals, and integration issues
  2. ·        meetings with development staff to determine specific accessibility concerns with existing products and services
  3. ·        facilitation of accessibility organization within the enterprise
  4. ·        subject matter expert support in specific areas of law, policy, information technology, telecommunications, and assistive technology.
  5. ·        Development of quality assurance tools to facilitate accessibility of new products and services.
  6. ·        Organizationwide training on issues related to people with disabilities
  7. ·        generation of informational literature for organizationwide dissemination.


This review includes assessment of conformance with section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, state and local laws and regulations related to accessibility, and any applicable international law.  A report is generated providing an independent review for those products meeting the legal requirements, and remediation steps for IT failing to meet the requirements. ICDRI assessment  lasts for one year, and is available for:

  • Entire Organizations (must undergo Accessibility Analysis as described above)
  • Individual Products and Services: the Center offers a comprehensive review and assessment of an IT product or service of the Organization
  • All Products and Services:  Good for current versions on date of issuance.


Technical Integration Support

The Center offers technical support on meeting legal and functional requirements for assisting people with disabilities.  This includes networking with a local assistive technology providers, integrating and implementing solutions, and providing ongoing support services.

WebSite Accessibility Assessments - The Center can assess the accessibility of your site and make recommendations on modifications to improve site accessibility. The complexity of this varies with the size and complexity of the site.  Center personnel will examine and assess the accessibility of the site.  The Center will issue a detailed estimate of the cost of the accessibility assessment. Once a contract is signed for the accessibility assessment, then the Center  will complete the assessment and  supply  the following:

  1. ·         Site Accessibility Assessment Report
  2. ·         Recommendations for Improving the Accessibility of the site
  3. ·         A Detailed estimate of the cost to make the site accessible

Accessible  Design Services - The Center offers a wide variety of services to help in the design of accessible web sites and applications.  These can range from complete site design to the production of a style guide.  The Center will offer an initial consulting meeting to determine needs and will then supply an estimate of the cost of the required services.

Consulting on Electronic and Information Technology Projects.  - The Center will offer an initial consultation to determine needs and will then supply an estimate of the cost of the required services.  The Center can perform the work, or in cases where the size of the project may be too large for the Center, we have access to several large organizations that are qualified to perform this kind of work. 

Tutorials on the Accessible Site Design - The Center can train your staff to design sites that are accessible to the largest audience possible.  Center personnel are available to teach tutorials on accessible site design.  They can be customized for your exact needs.  An initial assessment will be done of the scope needed for the tutorial and the size and skill level of the target audience.   The Center will then produce a detailed outline of the tutorial   Upon the completion of a signed contract the tutorial can be scheduled and taught.   

Presentations and Demonstrations of Accessible Web Design Techniques - The Center is available to make presentations at trade shows and conferences on the techniques used to design and produce accessible web sites.

For details on the the above services send email to the Center at:   or by mail to:

The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet (ICDRI)

4312 Birchlake CT
Alexandria, VA 22309

919 349 6661


See Books on Disability Legal and Policy Issues for 508/504 issues and ADA Compliance Manuals for further help.

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The Center may be contacted at:

The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet (ICDRI)
4312 Birchlake Court
Alexandria, VA 22309

919 349 6661


The Center may also be contacted by Email:




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