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The Center welcomes sponsors to assist in achieving its goals as listed below:

1. The Center is collecting and presenting what is intended to be one of the largest collections of disability resources anywhere.  It will be international in scope and will be presented in a manner that will be accessible to the largest audience possible. 

2. The Center is developing new methods to present resources in an accessible manner.  These methods will help users to choose the way in which they wish resources to be displayed to them.  This is an on-going project and will evolve over time as the technology improves.

3. By building and maintaining this Center we are working to improve communications amongst disability-related groups on a worldwide basis.   This will enable everyone to use resources more effectively.

4. The Center is making presentations and teaching accessibility tutorials.

5. The Center is  collecting  best practices in various areas related to disabilities.

Contributors to this site can expect to see a large international collection of disability resources grow on this web site.  They can further expect to see new methods of presentation in use and these methods will be made available to those who wish to use them.  They will also be helping to improve communications amongst those in the disability community and this will help all to use all available resources in a more effective manner.


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Cash Donations

The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet is a non-profit corporation in the United States (501(c)(3)).  Our work is supported by  donations and grants from individual contributors and work and tutorials in the field of accessible Electronic and Information technology.

The easiest way to help us is to make a direct donation.

You can make a donation through Pay Pal quickly and easily - just click the button below!

 Shop at AmazonSmile

Donations by Credit Card

You may make a Donation via credit card through the Network for Good, simply follow the Donation link below. 


Donations by Check

You may send a tax deductible contribution by check, payable to ICDRI, to the following address:

4312 Birchlake Court
Alexandria, VA 22309

Please provide your email address, if possible, so that ICDRI can readily provide you with a letter thanking you for your tax deductible contribution.

Any contributions are gratefully accepted and we appreciate any help in the work we are doing.

Monetary contributions will be used in the following areas:

Computer hardware and software to collect and present resources and develop presentation methods.

Administrative costs such as staff and associated administrative expenses.

Travel Expenses to make presentations and teach tutorials.

The Center may be contacted at:

The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet (ICDRI)
1826 Big Ridge Dr
East Stroudsburg, PA 18302
919 349 6661


The Center may also be contacted by Email:




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