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Alpha Version of the Hawking Communicator

July 23, 2002




The alpha version of the Hawking Communicator, an innovative approach to enabling people with severe mental and physical challenges to use ordinary computers, is ready for testing. It can be reached from http://www.radiophony.com , the website of Radiophony, an Indian company entrusted by Prof Stephen Hawking, the physicist, who has ALS (also known as MND, or Lou Gehrig's disease) to work on software that aims to be significantly easier to use than existing solutions.

The alpha version is written in VB6 and runs only on MS Windows computers, but subsequent versions will be written for wider application. This release, which is under GNU Public License, is aimed to confirm the applicability of the approach. Both actual users and programmers are encouraged to test and give feedback.

The entire development effort has been to create a software that will be made available as Open Source, so that subsequent development and upgrades can be done freely as needed by users, without being solely dependent on the original development team. It will also be possible thereafter for independent teams to develop specific applications for more niche purposes and for newer platforms.

The developers need to get feedback from actual users as far as possible to help them fine-tune this solution and make it operationally viable. Your help is sincerely appreciated.




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